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The Beauty of Babylon

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Further expanding upon their robust artistic talents, students from the Babylon-Junior Senior High School hosted a “Babylon Book” exhibition and artist reception at the Babylon Old Town Hall in early August. After taking a walking tour of the Village of Babylon, the students recreated the beautiful sights in order to create an illustrated version of the area. The students who had work featured were from both Cheryl Schweider’s and Patricia Stork’s art classes.  

Art and Music for All to Enjoy

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The Babylon Junior-Senior High School Art Department held a senior art show and reception this past June at the Conklin House in Huntington that displayed all of the students’ beautiful projects from the school year. During the show, the student-artists exhibited their final senior paintings, along with three other selected pieces of artwork. Beautiful sounds from the school’s music department filled the air throughout the duration of the event. 

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