Lessons in aquaponics

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Babylon Elementary School first graders learned about how aquaponic systems work during a recent field trip with STEAM teacher Emily Moran to Babylon Junior Senior High School.

During the lesson, which was designed and aided by students from MaryBeth Schappert’s STEAM 1 class at the high school, the first graders learned about the aquaponic cycle. They discussed how the fish help to feed the plants located in the system and how the plants filter the water that is returned to the fish. Students made observations about the different plants found growing in the classroom, the fish in the system and had the chance to take an up-close look at both.

Back at the elementary school, Ms. Moran conducted follow up lessons to review the material and lead a conversation about the differences between the high school’s aquaponic system and the hydroponic tower garden system located at the elementary school.