Making Healthy Choices

In an effort to increase awareness of various food allergies and the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle, Babylon Elementary School celebrated Food Allergy Awareness Week this May. During the week, the students learned about these health-related topics through literacy-based activities, including sharing poems that contained information regarding healthy choices and the increasing need for global awareness of food allergies. In addition, a different healthy food theme was celebrated each day of the week, including Wear the Color of Your Favorite Fruit or Vegetable Day, Creative Homemade Snack Day, and even a poster contest that called for students to draw a picture combining their favorite fruit and vegetable in order to create a fun and new food item.

To drive home the message about the importance of eating a balanced meal, the highly popular Super Sprowtz puppet show and performing group visited the school. The assembly introduced students to a colorful and healthy cast of characters, including Colby Carrot, Erica Eggplant and Suzy Sweetpea. Throughout the show, the puppets explained the nutritional and developmental benefits of the vegetables highlighted and encouraged the students to become advocates for eating healthy.