Budding Young Scientists

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Babylon Memorial Grade School students had the chance to showcase their understanding of the scientific method as they explored a variety of interesting topics leading up to this year’s science fair. Working over the course of several months, the students had the chance to select an item of interest to them and conduct individual research projects to explore a scientific question they had about that topic. Projects ranged from social and environmental issues to those involving chemical reactions.

The school’s sixth-grade students received guidance on their projects from not only their teachers, but also the members of the Babylon Junior-Senior High School Science National Honor Society. The upperclassman mentored their younger peers and even had the chance to spotlight a few of the projects they found captivating by naming them “student choice” winners.

During the school’s science fair competition, a panel of judges reviewed all submitted projects, and awards were given for the top three projects in each grade as well as honorable mention for finalists. The first-place winners in each grade went on to compete in this year’s Brookhaven National Laboratory Elementary Science Fair in May.

The district congratulates the following Babylon Memorial Grade School science fair winners:

Grade 3:
1st: Bridget Hannon – “Did Superstorm Sandy kill plants?”
2nd: James Bender
3rd: Rebecca Scharf
Finalists: Jack DeVoe and KJ Graham

Grade 4:
1st: Aidan Killeen - “How does the viscosity of a substance affect a marble’s velocity?”
2nd: Lindsey Gaare
3rd: Tara Goldstein
Finalists: Owen Boxer and John Valinoti

Grade 5:

1st: Noah Kowalewsky – “Oil spills and the Photosynthesis of Aquatic Plants”
2nd: Jack Layton
3rd: Kayla Rizzo
Finalists: Lucas Armyn and Juilana Vota

Grade 6:
1st: Peter Schubart – “How does salt water affect plants and can exposure be reversed with fresh water?”
2nd: Thomas Carmichael
3rd: Alexa Tenety
Finalists: Emily Lulley and Gianna Wheeler
“Student Choice” winners:
Grade 3: Molly Baldwin
Grade 4: Megan Burke
Grade 5: Felicia Giaramita
Grade 6: Sofia Gigliotti