Acquiring Culinary Skills

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Babylon High School ninth- through 12th-grade culinary foods classes recently had the chance to learn about the art of food preparation from an expert who works with the largest network of culinary schools in North America. Rick Fine, a culinary specialist and the associate director of high school programs for the International Culinary Schools at the Art Institute, visited the classes this spring to speak with the students and their teacher Jenna Cucci about the multibillion-dollar food and hospitality industry and the Art Institute, as well as to conduct a food demonstration.

During the demonstration, the classes learned how to make the traditional Central American dish migas while picking up a few culinary techniques. At the end of the class, each student was given a taste of the completed dish.

This year, the students have been learning about how to prepare both simple and complex items as part of their course studies. Most recently, they conceptualized, designed, baked and decorated cakes. From forming sculptures with fondant to ensuring the perfect moistness of their baked layers, the process was one that involved higher-level thinking skills and a good understanding of mathematics.