Sixth-Graders Move Up to High School

An array of emotions was evident during this year’s moving up ceremony for the sixth-grade class at Babylon Memorial Grade School. As the students entered the auditorium at Babylon Junior-Senior High School, they were excited to begin the next chapter in their educational journey but could not help reminiscing about the years spent at the Grade School.

After a welcoming address from Principal Dr. Randee Bonagura, honored guest George Lynagh, a Suffolk County police officer, led the audience in a moving performance of “The Star-Spangled Banner” before several speakers imparted some words of advice onto the graduates.  

“Moving up day is a tradition,” Superintendent of Schools Richard Rozakis told the students. “Traditions are important because they remind us of where we came and who we are now, and help us feel confident as we move forward into the future.” Noting the students’ readiness to move up to the high school, he added, “Babylon is a unique and special school district. You have received an excellent foundation on which you will now build remarkable high school careers. Each and every one of you has your own special skills, talents and dreams. I am confident that your high school years will be productive, enjoyable and very, very successful. Let’s all work hard to make these dreams come true together.”

In addition to the warm words of congratulations from Mr. Rozakis, the students listened attentively as two peers reflected on the memories they have made over the past three years and the dreams they collectively share for their futures. PTA President Heather Tenety also offered her praise. Members of the class performed a moving version of Natasha Bedingfield’s “Unwritten” that left everyone in the audience in awe.

When his or her name was called, each class member crossed the stage to shake the hands of the district administrators and Board of Education members in attendance and receive their moving up certificates. Before concluding the ceremony with the Grade School’s alma mater, Babylon Junior-Senior High School Principal Al Cirone and Assistant Principal Steven Goldberg welcomed the students to their new school.