Welcoming New Students

Prepared to make the transition from grade school to the junior-senior high school, Babylon School District’s seventh-grade students and their families received a sneak peak at their new school during a summer orientation program held in August.  

While the students located their “alpha homeroom” with the assistance of the student council members, parents met with Principal Al Cirone in the auditorium to discuss several of the building’s procedures. Mr. Cirone covered such policies as the morning drop-off routine, the importance of the attendance policy and the close-knit environment that exists in the school. He also shared a few tips on how the parents can help their children transition smoothly to the junior-senior high school and the various support services in place.

Once in their “alpha homerooms,” a classroom they will report to the first few days of school, the students met with upperclassmen to speak candidly about questions and concerns. With updated copies of their schedules and locker assignments in hand, the students were then guided on tours of the building and practiced opening their lockers.

To conclude the program, members of the student council provided the attendees with a brief introduction to the activities and events that transpire at the school annually as well as the various clubs and sporting teams. The school also offered a spring orientation program for the incoming class in May.