Little Steps to Make a Big Difference

Babylon Elementary School students and families laced up their sneakers and walked to school in early October as part of this year’s International Walk to School Day. Hundreds of individuals left traditional means of transportation behind as they took part in the program. Whether their journey was miles long or just around the block, the excitement for the event was at a record high.

“On this day, as part of our Healthy Heart Week, we encourage students to eat healthy, drink lots of water, get extra sleep and get moving,” said Principal Jessica Kemler, who coordinated the event with physical education teacher Rob Andrews. “Walking to school is a great way to add exercise into our day. What makes this event even more special is being able to share that walk with family and friends.”

Students were dressed in Babylon colors as they arrived at the school building to receive their participation stickers. This is the sixth year the school has taken part in this international program, which regularly draws participation from approximately 40 countries worldwide.