Students Commended for Impressive Research Projects

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Babylon High School science research students have been conducting hands-on research projects on a variety of complex topics as part of their participation in the building’s science research program. In their inaugural showing, the students earned top recognitions at several regional fairs this year.  

During the second round of the Long Island Science and Engineering Fair, seniors Emily Brown, Sara Mikovic and Meredith Wardell came in third place on Long Island out of 82 projects. Their independent research project studied the efficacy of apricot kernels as a natural pesticide against termites while still maintaining the growth of healthy plants. In addition to this award, seniors Jed Dale and Max Pitagno were honored with the Stockholm Junior Water Prize at LISEF for excellence in water-related research.

Based on these honors, the students qualified to compete at the state level of the New York State Science and Engineering Fair. This was Babylon’s first time competing at the state-level Intel affiliated competition, where participants come from across the state.

“I am extremely proud of the hard work and dedication of these students for not just this year, but their entire research career at Babylon,” said teacher Claire Birone. “They have been leaders in our school and have set the bar high for Babylon research. I could not be any more proud of them, regardless of the outcome of the competitions.”