A Literary Lesson on Democracy

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Babylon Elementary School students have been engaged in a lesson on literacy and democracy this spring as they participated in the Charlotte Award contest. Named for the main character in E.B. White's “Charlotte's Web,” the purpose of the Charlotte Award is to encourage students to read outstanding literature and ultimately become lifelong readers. Students all over New York State have the opportunity to read 10 Charlotte Award nominees in each category and vote for their favorite one. School media specialist Teri Polis read all 10 books with the preschool and kindergarten children and introduced many to the first- and second-graders as well.

In addition to taking part in the statewide vote, the students had the chance to complete several technology- and creative thinking-based projects to review the pieces. The students drew their favorite component of the book and using VoiceThread software recorded a short speech about their favorite aspect of the book. The results of the statewide vote will be released in May.