Soaring Studies

Babylon Memorial Grade School sixth-grade students had the chance to construct and launch their own rockets as part of a grade-level interdisciplinary unit of study. The project, which tied into the students’ science and math curriculum, focused on the properties of a rocket, the impact wind speed, wind direction and weight have on the flying object as well as the conditions needed to ensure flight. They also discussed the NASA rocket launch program and selected a day for their simulation that mirrored the official process.

After constructing their original rockets and associated parachute, each student took a turn at sailing it high into the sky off a launching pad on the back field of the school. The students participated in a debriefing exercise with their teachers after the launch – discussing what conditions contributed to some rockets not launching and sharing what they would have done differently with the experiment. Incorporating their English Language Arts skills, the students then reflected on the entire process through a short writing assignment.