Visitors from Abroad

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Babylon Junior-Senior High School students recently learned about the French language firsthand when 12 students from the Versailles area of Paris visited the district as part of a cultural learning experience.

In addition to participating in a meet-and-greet, the French students visited the school’s French and social studies classes to share a PowerPoint presentation on the life of the typical Parisian teenager and explain the structure of a school day, as well as how their government works. They also enjoyed a pizza lunch and shadowed members of the French National Honor Society during two classes. 

Eighth-grader Maddie Stein commented that it was "c ool to hear their impressions of New York." Senior Jessica Roberts agreed, saying the visit "brought the French culture to life."

“I was beyond thrilled to take the French language off the pages of the textbook and put it in their hands,” said teacher Melissa Anderson, who coordinated the visit with Jean Marc Emarot, moderator of the club Junior Association, 20 000 Liens Sur la Terre. “It made the language come alive and brought such relevancy to what we do in the classroom. My students were excited to communicate and be understood, to listen and comprehend. I was proud of them for being so welcoming, kind and inquisitive. It was really an incredible experience for all of us.”