Flipping Instruction

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Babylon Memorial Grade School’s fifth-grade students have been put in the driver’s seat of their math lessons, as teacher Stephen Fasciani has introduced a new technology-driven instructional platform.

The flipped classroom initiative enables critical information to be shared with students before, during and after class times. Discussion questions, instructional videos, tutorials and links for practice items directly aligned with the Go Math program and Common Core are easily accessible on the class website.

Using this model, students can view lessons at their own pace, discuss concepts and topics with other classmates and/or the teacher, and be prepared to have a discussion about the topic in the next class session. This provides an excellent opportunity for the lesson to be more student-directed and increased time for the classroom teacher to provide direct help to individuals and small groups as compared to a traditional model.

As the lessons are accessed through any computer with an Internet connection, the model also bridges the home-to-school connection by providing students with help when completing homework and reviewing concepts.