Solving the Case

Students in Babylon High School’s Syracuse University Project Advance Forensic Science classes exercised their knowledge about Crime Scene Investigation by processing a mock crime. 
 Working collaboratively, the students performed all necessary tasks to investigate a mock crime scene set up in Babylon High School’s courtyard. The 11th- and 12th-grade students documented evidence, photographed and created crime scene sketches as they searched the scene to determine if the physical evidence could help solve a murder. In follow-up activities, they learned how to analyze the evidence they saw during this setup.  
In this class, taught by Syracuse University adjunct instructor and Babylon teacher Melissa Callahan, students learn the science behind analyzing all types of physical evidence, such as hair, fibers, blood, DNA, glass, fingerprints and chemical evidence. At the end of the year, registered students receive four Syracuse University credits, which can be transferred to their future college.