Learning Comes Alive

Babylon Memorial Grade School fifth-graders had the chance to share their research on historic figures who had contributed to society during an in-school wax museum presentation for the building’s fourth-graders.

The interactive event, which was held as a conclusion to the grade-level’s biography unit in their English language arts class, enabled the students to share the information they researched on an individual of their choosing. The students dressed as the historical person and remained still as if set in wax – until coming alive when a visitor tapped their activation button. Then speaking in the first person, they shared key facts about the individual’s life. Some famous individuals  showcased included Theodore Roosevelt, Albert Einstein and 2014 Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzay.

“The importance of the wax museum, which was a hands-on project, was to strengthen student’s public speaking skills and confidence,” said Lisa Necroto, one of the grade level’s ELA teachers. “By inviting fourth-graders to visit the wax museum, the fifth-grade students used their communication skills to interact with peers and share their knowledge about the important person they researched. It also allowed the fourth-graders to preview the fifth-grade ELA curriculum and spark their interest for learning about famous people in history. The students did an amazing job convincing us that they were the characters who they were portraying.”

Leading up to the museum, the students worked with their ELA teachers and school library Lisa Lindeman to gather research using Chromebooks. The lesson reinforced important skills on research, nonfiction, note taking, research citing and presentation skills.