Powerful Proteins

Several Babylon High School ninth-grade research students demonstrated their knowledge of the biochemistry of proteins, in particular how they function in the body, when they competed in Stony Brook University’s Protein Modeling Competition this winter.  

For the event, the students focused on glycosyltransferase A/B, the enzyme responsible for determining human blood types by modifying the surfaces of red blood cells. The two Babylon teams – comprised of Danish Farooq, Greg Kowalczyk, Sneha Kumar, Freddy Nocella and Mike Steffanetta – were required to create a three-dimensional structure of the protein, write a descriptive essay, and take a written exam about the specific protein and protein biochemistry in general.  

Results of the contest have not yet been released, but the competition was fierce, as Babylon’s ninth-graders competed against 11th- and 12th-grade teams.