Celebrating World Languages

Through a series of hands-on activities, Babylon Junior-Senior High School celebrated a wide variety of dialects during World Languages Week.

For each day of the celebration, a different language was featured. Daily announcements either were delivered in that language or provided facts about countries that speak it. In the classrooms, foreign language teachers coordinated projects correlating to the featured language. For example, while promoting Italian, students spun a “wheel of pizza” and had to answer trivia questions or prompts before receiving a prize. To honor Spanish, students were asked to draw cards from a piñata and translate the phrases written on them. The week’s activities, which also spotlighted Kenya and Switzerland, concluded with an international buffet during lunch periods prepared by the World Languages Club.

Additionally, Mrs. Wubbenhorst taught an afternoon workshop on Mexican kefir grains, their purpose, how to prepare and consume them along with their connection to the Hispanic community and diet. 

Recognizing the benefits of having an early exposure to a foreign language, high school teachers visited sixth-grade classes at Babylon Memorial Grade School to host a workshop. Following the theme of the week, “Learn a Foreign Language, Gain a New Perspective,” the sixth-graders completed an activity called “Man on the Moon.” The students learned several key phrases in either Spanish or French, including colors, facial features and the numbers 1-10, and then created pictures depicting their perspective of a man on the moon. The completed artwork was displayed in the school’s lobby for all to enjoy.