Inside the Shark Tank

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Babylon High School’s Freshman Seminar students displayed their creativity, problem-solving and oral communication skills as they took part in an interactive learning exercise modeled after the ABC TV show “Shark Tank.”

Working in groups, the students selected a global problem and developed a product or solution to address it. They created business and marketing plans and, where possible, prototypes of their invention before pitching their ideas to a panel of “sharks” to gain capital investors. Each entrepreneur was responsible for a different aspect of the work, including project managers, marketing specialists and accountants. Their research was documented in a written script with MLA-formatted citations.

Among the students’ projects were an app designed to inform travelers of the customs of an area, a special mattress to prevent sleep deprivation, a learning tablet that allows students to connect to their studies and teacher when physically unable to attend class, and a shoe clip that allows the wearer to participate in a variety of sporting activities.