Capturing Scholarships for Science Projects

Babylon Memorial Grade School sixth-grader Ethan Schubart and Babylon High School junior Ryan Cosgro earned top honors at this year’s Covantage EcoTech Scholarship Contest.

Ethan’s project, “Do gas powered leaf blowers affect air quality?,” earned first place in the contest. Ryan’s project, “Determining the optimal conditions for biolipid production in Chlorella pyrendiosa,” captured fourth place. His project worked to determine under what conditions photosynthetic Chlorella algae are best able to produce a biolipid that could then be processed into a novel type of biofuel and help reduce dependency on fossil fuels. Both students were awarded scholarship monies for their winning entries.

The contest is open to students in grades 6-12 in school districts within the Town of Babylon that produced science projects focused on renewable energy, greenhouse gas reduction, development of alternative materials or anything to reduce global warming and environmental degradation.