Tangible Science Lessons

Babylon Junior High School science classes completed a variety of hands-on experiments spanning topics such as horticulture and the skeletal system.

Seventh-grade students in Mary Beth Schappert’s and Jeff Kenney’s classes celebrated spring by germinating organic, non-GMO seeds in recycled/reused plastic containers with a donation of seeds from High Mowing, an organic seed supplier in Vermont. Some of the vegetables and herbs will be donated to a local preschool community garden being started by South Shore Slow Food; other flowers will be planted on school grounds, and the students will bring the remainder of the seedlings home so they can begin their own backyard or windowsill gardens this summer.     
Eighth-grade Living Environment students participated in a lab demonstration performed by Andrew Sheltz that used cow femurs sourced from the Babylon Meat Market. Students were able to see and touch the outside and inside of femurs during a lesson that would normally be done on a screen or from a book. The project allowed the students to participate in a hands-on experience with spongy bone, compact bone, the medullary cavity, and red and yellow bone marrow, as well as how a knee and hip joint work.