Dear Community,

I have always believed that you should leave a place in far better condition than you found it. That was going to be a tall order when I came to Babylon. It was already a high-performing district full of well-brought up, hardworking and talented students and a school community that deeply valued education and always supported its schools.

However, I am proud of what my administrative team and I accomplished during my time as Babylon’s superintendent. We passed a bond for capital improvements, and students will benefit from and enjoy the new classrooms, labs, fields and other facilities for decades to come. Our school budgets have always passed by a substantial margin, staying well within the 2 percent tax cap, and without any program cuts or staff layoffs. We negotiated a fair and equitable teacher’s contract, which had been unsettled before I arrived. We implemented Chromebooks, expanded the use of Smart Boards and iPads, and introduced Go Math and Teacher’s College writing programs. More than 95 percent of our graduates receive Regents diplomas. We have made improvements in school security, expanded extracurricular activities for all students and increased teacher professional development opportunities. Moreover, we accomplished all of this, and much more, in a stable, safe and secure school environment where “the whole child” can reach his or her fullest potential.

I have been fortunate to work alongside a caring and dedicated faculty and staff, as well as many  Board of Education trustees who always put the children first. Babylon will be my last stop in a long career in education that began 40 years ago as a social studies teacher, continuing as a chairperson, assistant principal, principal, assistant superintendent and, ultimately, superintendent. I cannot think of a better place to end this highly rewarding journey than beautiful Babylon by the Sea.

I have enjoyed my time here as your superintendent and I will miss the many friends and colleagues I have come to know along the way. I welcome Ms. Linda Rozzi and leave you in her very capable hands. Thank you for your encouragement and support.

Richard S. Rozakis