Up, Up and Away!

Babylon Elementary School students had a wonderful surprise when Liberty Balloon Company pilot Carroll Teitsworth and one of his hot-air balloons paid a visit to their school during their first assembly of the new school year.

“Captain Carroll,” as Principal Dana Spincola called him, was making his first trip to the area, and enjoyed teaching the children about hot-air balloons. The Groveland, New York resident is a 36-year veteran pilot. After explaining to the students the history of hot-air balloons and how they work, the children all got to go inside a partially inflated balloon (known as an “envelope”) inside their gymnasium. Much to their amazement, Captain Carroll explained to the students that when the balloon is fully inflated, it’s as tall as a seven-story building. Even partially inflated, it took up most of the gymnasium.

But that wasn’t the end of this enriching experience. Captain Carroll then led the students outside, where they saw the balloon’s basket—the part of the hot-air balloon that people stand in. Captain Carroll turned on the burners, which are normally used to fill the envelope with hot air, sending it airborne. The children were amazed to see the flames shoot in the air and hear the noise the burners made. Captain Carroll shared that the two burners were as powerful as 150 home furnaces.

It was quite an unusual lesson on hot-air balloons and one the students won’t soon forget.