Diversity Top of Mind at Babylon Elementary

Photojournalist Mike Harrold visited Babylon Elementary on Jan. 13 and shared a multimedia presentation that showcased his journeys to the faraway lands. Tying with the school’s theme of diversity in January, Mr. Harrold highlighted his many trips, promoting multi-cultural awareness and respect while showing the similarities between cultures all around the world.  
“Mike Harrold is an exceptional cultural artist, photographer and world traveler,” said Superintendent of Schools Linda Rozzi. “His presentations always engage students and more importantly, encourage youngsters to respect one another’s differences.”

Mr. Harrold also shared his adventures to the large cities and small villages of Africa, China, and India. After the group presentation, each class visited Mr. Harrold in the library for a smaller setting throughout the day, where they were allowed to closely examine some of the artifacts from his many trips abroad.