February 3, 2016

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Earlier today it was reported to Babylon Memorial Grade School administration that on February 2, 2016 (yesterday) a black minivan approached a Grade School student on Midwood Road.  This occurred at approximately 3:00 p.m.  Two white males were inside the black minivan.  The driver was a middle aged male with a black mustache.  The passenger could not be described.  

The 1st Precinct has been contacted and the District has also followed up by informing Village Code Enforcement as well as our transportation provider who is informing all drivers prior to today's dismissals.

This most recent incident reaffirms the need to review stranger danger/safety issues with your children and reinforce the following:

•    Encourage children to walk together to and from school if transportation is not available.
•    Remind students and caregivers to never talk to or be lured by strangers, whether in a vehicle or on foot.
•    Encourage children to be mindful of their surroundings at all times, especially when they are alone.
•    Observe and make note of suspicious or unknown vehicles or individuals seen in their community.

Teachers and staff will continue to talk with children about safety rules and what to do if they were ever approached.  

Very truly yours,

Mrs. Linda Rozzi