Babylon Comes Together for Breast Cancer Coalition Walk

It didn’t matter that it was dark, chilly and drizzling: Babylon High School students, including many Student Council members as well as other Babylon residents, were on the high school track to walk for the cause.

Throughout the walk, Babylon Breast Cancer Coalition (BBCC) volunteers handed out pamphlets providing information about which plastics were the safest to use, and which fruits and vegetables contained the most pesticides. Student Council members sold cupcakes baked by a Babylon Junior/Senior High School graduate. Monies raised will go toward the BBCC’s education and advocacy programs.

According to their website,, the BBCC was founded in 1993 by three friends from Babylon, after two of them were diagnosed with breast cancer. They decided to try to fight the disease by raising awareness and educating women about breast cancer. This volunteer-driven grassroots organization serves the entire Township of Babylon and now helps those with all gynecological cancers in addition to those with breast cancer. The BBCC provides support to help patients and their families in the community at large, offering educational programs to encourage healthier lifestyles that would decrease the still very high instance of these cancers in our community.