Green-Minded Researchers Score Scholarships

Three Junior-Senior High School research students were awarded scholarships for their research and work on green projects as part of the Babylon Covantage EcoTech Scholarship Contest. They were presented with their awards on May 7 at the Town of Babylon’s Earth Day celebration at Town Hall.

Senior Jack Corcoran’s project, “The Effect of Heat on the Potency of Pheromone Trails Produced by Pogonomyrmex barbatus,” placed third overall, earning him a prize of $500. He studied how rising global temperatures impact pheromone signaling in harvester ants.

Juniors Samuel Caponi and Gerard Gravina’s team project, “The Effects of Salt Tolerant Bacteria on the Growth of Pisum sativum in a High Salinity Environment,” placed seventh overall and earned them a scholarship of $125 each. The team forced a novel symbiotic relationship between pea plants and soil bacteria that enables these non-salt tolerant plants to withstand and thrive after salt water flooding has taken place.

The Babylon Covantage EcoTech Scholarship Contest is designed to encourage students who are conducting science fair projects or advanced study projects in environmental science courses to focus on renewable energy sources, greenhouse gas reduction, development of alternative building materials or any other means to reduce global warming and environmental degradation.