History Lesson Comes to Life

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Memorial Grade School fifth-graders had a chance bring history back to life when they dressed up as influential figures during the fifth-grade wax museum on May 11.

Students chose a historical figure to research and study important facts about their life. The fifth-graders dressed as the historical person and remained still as if a wax figure. When their activation button was pushed, the figures came to life and told the visitors about their significance in history.

Some of the famous individuals included Helen Keller, Amelia Earhart, Theodore Roosevelt, Jim Henson, Daniel Boone and Neil Armstrong.

The hands-on, interactive event was the culminating activity in the grade’s biography unit. The museum was open to fourth-grade students, who were invited to tour the different classrooms.

Not only did the wax museum help fifth-grade students with their writing, research and communication skills, it provided them the opportunity to preview the curriculum for next year.