Babylon Board of Education Recognizes the Best and the Brightest

At the Babylon School District’s monthly Board of Education meeting on December 12, select students in the district were recognized for their outstanding accomplishments. Interim Superintendent Dr. Peter Daly said, “Tonight we are going to recognize some of the best and the brightest walking the halls of Babylon High School.”

First to be honored by the Board, however, was Connor McHugh, a third grader at Babylon Memorial Grade School. At the tender age of eight, Connor has already done a world of good for needy children in the district.

When he was in second grade, Connor got the idea to start collecting recycled bottles, a concept he attributed to his uncle. “My uncle collects water bottles and gives them to needy children,” he explained, “so that got me started.”

Connor began by collecting water bottles from classrooms throughout Babylon Elementary School, an effort he has continued at the Grade School. With the money he raised, he bought backpacks and filled them with school supplies, which he also purchased. He used the third-grade supply list to ensure he was buying the correct supplies for needy children in the district. A social worker at the school helped to distribute the backpacks.

Babylon Memorial Principal Randee Bonagura stated, “Connor is very modest. He doesn’t go around bragging about all the wonderful things he does. He’s an inspiration to lots of kids—and grown-ups, too.”

After recognizing Connor, the Board honored four musicians and three athletes from Babylon High School. Dr. Daly said, “What’s amazing is that these students are not only gifted athletes or musicians, they are also wonderful students. The seven of them have a cumulative GPA of 96. All seven are also All-County musicians or athletes, and a few are even All-State.”

He went on to add, “[Tenth grader] Mikaila Hartigan is an All-County gymnast who has qualified for the New York State competition on March 3. Sisters Julianne and Carolyn Koch are All-County and All-State swimmers, and Carolyn just signed a National Letter of Intent to compete for Division 1 Lehigh.”