Babylon Grade School Hosts Food and Coat Drives

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Babylon Memorial Grade School students have been very busy this holiday season. The Student Council sponsored a food drive to collect food for the Babylon Food Pantry. Council members Kristen Szuthy and Meghan Flaugher, third graders in P. Murphy’s class, were among the students who donated food. As Kristen pointed out, “It feels good to be able to help people.”

The Kids Discovery Club, with fourth-grade teacher C. Murphy at the helm, ran a coat drive that received an overwhelming student response. “We received mountains of coats to donate to the local shelters,” Principal Randee Bonagura said. “People were very generous. We collected over 150 coats.”

Kaileigh Ringstad was just one of the students who brought in several coats from home. She was happy to see them going to good use instead of being thrown away.

Not to be left out, fifth and sixth graders held a fundraiser in the cafeteria during lunch to benefit Ronald McDonald House Charities. Children and adults donated 25 cents in exchange for coloring a paper ornament.