Celebrating Our Nation

Third-graders in Lisa Lang’s and Kristine Best’s class were recently introduced to a meaningful lesson on the history of the United States and why it is so important to learn about patriotism.

After watching an informative video about how the flag was created, students had the chance to create their own paper versions of the American flag. Throughout their work, the class discussed the details of the flag and what those aspects represented. The third-graders enjoyed discovering facts such as why there are 13 stripes on the body of the flag and more.
“We’re trying to have the students learn about the symbols of the United States, and how they’re important to us,” said special education teacher Kristine Best. “We want to show students the proper way to respect our country, and for them to learn about the importance of being able to live in a country that has so many freedoms.”

Third-grade classes throughout BMGS are going to continue these types of hands-on lessons on the nation’s history throughout the school year.