A Literary Visit


Babylon Elementary School was recently selected to host a collaborative workshop for six educators from the Tuckahoe Common School District and share information about the district’s robust teaching techniques and approaches to literacy instruction.

“Learning is a lifelong process,” said Babylon Elementary School Principal Travis Davey. “This collaborative meeting afforded our staff the chance to collaborate with colleagues, offer perspectives and ideas, as well as spark a deeper conversation about the ways in which students learn.”

Throughout the workshop, Babylon teachers modeled classroom lessons, met with the Tuckahoe representatives and shared information about how the district is working to strengthen literacy instruction at the kindergarten through second-grade level.

"Babylon is very enthused to share our instructional successes with other school districts,” said Superintendent of Schools Linda Rozzi. “Hosting such visitations is a testament to the authenticity of the workshop model and to our staff's commitment of delivering a well-rounded literacy experience to all children."