Testing the Mind

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In an effort to further study just how powerful the human mind can truly be, Babylon Junior-Senior High School students enrolled within Dr. Mark Malaszczyk’s recently reintroduced Advanced Placement Psychology course were treated to a special visit from certified hypnotherapist and Babylon JSHS parent, Eileen Berry.

During the workshop, Mrs. Berry shared information pertaining to hypnosis, saying that most clients utilize hypnotherapy in order to change negative behaviors and maximize skills. Such factors that a client might need help with are assistance with quitting smoking, weight management and stress management.

“A common misconception of hypnosis is that a person will be able to be controlled entirely,” said Mrs. Berry. “However, this is not true, as the conscious mind will not allow an individual to do something that they know to be wrong.”

After taking part in an activity that asked participants to concentrate on the swinging of a handheld pendulum, the class was asked to participate in a soothing mediation session to help ease their minds and prepare them for the rest of the day.