On The Inside We Are All The Same

Mrs. Shannon Saturno and Mrs. Kim Ricchiuti's third-grade students at Babylon Memorial Grade School learned themes of tolerance, racial diversity, and acceptance last week in honor of Martin Luther King Day.    

On Jan. 13, the students "broke a few color barriers" by running a scientific experiment involving brown and white eggs. The children were asked to write about what they thought would be inside each color egg, before finally cracking the eggs into a bowl and whisking them together.
The students ultimately observed that the eggs came in all different shades and colors on the outside, but that they were all the same on the inside, just like people. "During the lesson, we tried to emphasize that although we may look different on the outside, we are all the same inside," Mrs. Ricchiuti said. "Therefore, we should all be treated equally."
Earlier in the week, the students read Mem Fox's Whoever You Are, a book that discusses how children all over the world have differences such as race and gender, but that every child shares a common ground.