Science National Honor Society Lends A Helping Hand

Over two dozen members of Babylon High School's Science National Honor Society stopped by the Memorial Grade School on Jan. 25 to offer Heather Hosek's sixth-grade class advice on setting up data tables for an upcoming science project.
The event, which has become an annual tradition in the District, was arranged by Babylon High School science teacher Melissa Callahan and Memorial Grade School science teacher Heather Hosek, who are also co-founders of the Babylon chapter of the Science National Honor Society.
"The sixth-graders have science projects coming up," Hosek said. "The 11th and 12th-grade honor students came down to give them some directions and tips to work with them on setting up data tables. They're using their expertise that they've been learning over the years, and passing it on to help mentor the sixth-graders with their projects."
The participating high school students were pleased with their overall efforts, as they maintained the National Honor Society's goals of active involvement in school activities and community service, while displaying excellence in the areas of leadership, service and character. "It's important to make sure that kids learn about science and get interested in it," said Olivia Smith, a Babylon High School student and Science National Honor Society member. "By showing them that older students enjoy science, it'll make them realize that it's something 'cool' to learn about, and hopefully they'll want to do it, too."