Dear Babylon Community,                                      

As previously communicated, this January the district commissioned a voluntary and thorough analysis of the water provided through the filtered bottle filling stations recently installed districtwide. The testing program was conducted by the environmental testing agency Enviroscience and reported findings were shared with the Suffolk County Health Department.

As part of this testing, the water provided through the bottle filling devices was screened against over 100 different parameters and the analysis noted that small traces of Freon 22, an unregulated compound by the EPA, were found in several samples.  With the health and safety of our students and staff in mind, the district immediately took all units offline and added free-standing fresh water dispensers for students and staff to access while additional studies were conducted. 

To date, our test efforts revealed that all water coming into the building and all water flowing into the hydration stations are free of Freon 22. In an effort to further determine the origin of the Freon 22, additional testing was completed on Tuesday Feb. 7, 2017.  The district is currently awaiting results of this round of testing and will take corrective action once further information is available. 

Please recognize that student and staff safety and well-being is of paramount importance to us.  We appreciate your patience in what could be a lengthy process, and we will continue to provide updates.    


Linda Rozzi

Superintendent of Schools