High Business Honor

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The district is proud to announce that the Babylon Junior-Senior High School has ranked 18th on the “100 Best Wise High Schools Teaching Personal Finance” national ranking released by Working in Support of Education. The NYC-based educational nonprofit focuses on promoting student financial literacy nationwide, and sponsored by Voya Financial®.

This recognition indicates that Andrew Marulis’ business students performed amongst the highest in the entire country on the WISE standardized Financial Literacy Certification Test.

First established in 2003, WISE’s award-winning Financial Literacy Certification program provides teachers with a curriculum and instructional resources to teach personal finance and measure students’ financial literacy through WISE’s Certification Test. Students who pass the test are designated Certified Financially Literate. WISE students in 46 states receive close to six million hours of personal finance instruction annually.
According to Claire Reilly, director of business education at Babylon Junior-Senior High School, the district has consistently ranked amongst the top 100 schools in the past years of their active participation.