As a result of sound financial planning and community support, the Babylon School District’s bond rating has been upgraded from Aa3 to Aa2 by Moody's Investor Service.

The upgrade reflects the District's strengthened financial position and signs of stable tax base values. The Moody's rating is determined based on the assessment of such measures as fund balance, financial management, tax base wealth and tax base stability and is a critical element used by prospective lenders to determine the credit worthiness of public entities, including schools.

“The Moody's rating is to a school or governmental agency what a FICO (credit) score is to an individual,” explained Deputy Superintendent Dr. Peter Daly. “The higher the score a district earns, the better the interest rate they will likely receive when borrowing. As the district is in the process of completing a large scale bond project, this improved rating could result in a significant financial savings for our residents over the life of this borrowing.”