Paying Good Deeds Forward

Paying Good Deeds Forward Photo
In preparation of their recent trip to Glen’s Dinette in Babylon Village, students from the Babylon School District summer school program expanded their knowledge of proper restaurant etiquette, including how sales tax is calculated and appropriate tipping amounts. 

After finishing their meal and preparing to pay, students deployed their newly-acquired skills but were pleasantly surprised to learn that an anonymous patron had paid the bill for the entire group. With this notion in mind, they decided to pay forward the good deed by donating their meal’s budgeted money toward a charitable organization of their choice. 

“When the waitress shyly told us that someone had covered our bill, we were astounded,” said Babylon Junior-Senior High School special education teacher Keith Fasano. “You could see by the expressions on the students’ faces that their belief that people are inherently good was reaffirmed. Due to this deed, we all agreed that it was our job to look out for one another.”