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Babylon Junior-Senior High School students enrolled in Claire Birone’s Science Research 1 class, along with students from Mary-Beth Schappert and Natalie Sabia’s STEAM classes, recently participated in Brookhaven National Laboratory’s “A Day in the Life of a River” program in conjunction with the Department of Environmental Conservation and Seatuck Environmental Center.

Throughout the course of the day, the students monitored the waterways on Long Island that lead out into the Great South Bay, as they studied the Carlls River system and Argyle Lake, investigating biotic and abiotic factors including monitoring the organisms present, oxygen levels, nutrient levels, and contamination from chemicals and biological matter. Additionally, students got to work with a DEC volunteer representative who helped them understand their connection to the local Babylon ecosystem and the need to protect the waters.  

By learning about the local waterways, all participants discovered the importance of keeping the streams clean, how human actions affect the Great South Bay and what they can do to help.