Babylon Elementary School Hosts Science Fair

Babylon Elementary School hosted a science fair on Apr. 4 to showcase the projects students had been working hard on throughout the previous month.
High school students from the National Honor Society selected Nicholas P. Olejnik's "How Compost Is Made" for the top project among third-graders, while Maria Henriquez's project "Globs of Gluten: Which Wheat Flour Has the Most Gluten?" was voted best in the fourth-grade group. Dylan Pane took the top spot among fifth-graders for his "Batter Up!" display, and Jackie Birch's project "Will Density Affect Buoyancy?" earned the student choice award for sixth-graders.  
Besides student choice awards, the projects also earned separate recognition based on grading by Babylon High School science teachers. Third-grade finalists were Megan Burke, Lindsay Gaare, Aidan Killeen, Jenna Petraitis and Mia Timson, while fourth-grade finalists included Lucas Armyn, Connor Dempsey, Peter Gillen, Kyle Mees and Justin Persaud. Finalists from the fifth-grade class were Erin Conlon, Abigail Erickson, Saiquan Kneeland, Eric Trapani and Gianna Wheeler, while sixth-grade finalists included Kevin Keith, Samantha Layton, Ben Leibstein, Sarah Quigley and Scott Zeterberg.