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As an extension of their classroom studies, students enrolled in science courses at Babylon Junior-Senior High School have recently engaged in interactive real-world scenarios with the help of their teachers.  

Students in Kristen Dixon’s and Eric Rosasco’s earth science classes completed their first outdoor lab experience of the year, as they collaborated to make observations and inferences about the water flow and quality at Argyle Lake. In doing so, the students reinforced skills that they will draw upon in subsequent labs this year, such as observations of physical characteristics of the lake and inferences regarding issues related to water quality. 

Additionally, forensics classes recently put the lessons they learned in the classroom to use as they were challenged to execute proper crime scene processing techniques to solve a mock murder in the courtyard. Under the guidance of Babylon School District Director of Science Melissa Callahan, the students engaged in the hands-on activity while employing their critical thinking skills and deducing reasons to determine the parameters of the crime. 

Now in its 13th year, the school’s College Forensic Science course allows 11th- and 12th-grade students to earn four college credits from Syracuse University. The course also provides students with a practical application of science as it pertains to analyzing criminal cases.