Ivory Coast Native Provides French Lesson

Babylon High School students in Melissa Anderson's Advanced French class had the opportunity to learn a lesson about a French-speaking country in West Africa from a local community member who splits her time between Babylon and the Ivory Coast.
Mrs. Philomene Waldridge, an Ivory Coast native and former French teacher, was excited to return to the classroom environment to share with Babylon students her extensive knowledge of the country. She showed the class old family photos from her upbringing in the Ivory Coast, as well as a presentation of the country's music, dance and dining history. Mrs. Waldridge, who conducted the entire lesson in French, also shared items like traditional Ivorian garments and provided a unique perspective of the culture present in her native country.
The students, who had been studying the Ivory Coast as part of their lesson plans throughout April, had the opportunity to engage Mrs. Waldridge in meaningful discourse to expand their knowledge of the French language and the history of the Ivory Coast. "Mrs. Waldridge was very generous with her time," Babylon High School World Languages Director Michelle Scharff said. "She promises a visit again in the future for other students to enjoy, as the current students were thrilled to have her share her personal experiences with them. They were proud to be able to understand and converse with a native French speaker. The Ivory Coast culture came alive for them through her presentation and interpretation. What a treat for our Advanced French students!"