Reading Around the World

Reading Around the World photo

As a means of celebrating the Pick A Reading Partner program, the Babylon Elementary School chose the theme of “Reading is Your Ticket Around the World” to recognize the world’s many cultures throughout their literary studies.

The young readers earned “travel miles” throughout the month of March by reading a number of books, and by doing so were able to “travel” to different countries around the world located on a map within the school’s lobby. In turn, the more the students read, the farther they were able to “travel” to explore new countries. 

Each class also researched cultural information and customs about a specific country and shared all they learned on bulletin boards outside their classrooms. Examples of countries studied included Iceland, Argentina and India, to name a few.

At the conclusion of the PARP program, Babylon Elementary School will host an Open House, during which the students will act as tour guides for their parents and lead them through the building to see all the displays and various cultures.