A Tour of Stony Brook University’s Laboratory

A Tour of Stony Brook University’s Laboratory photo

Sophomores enrolled in Claire Birone’s Science Research Class at Babylon Junior-Senior High School, along with Nick Radesca, treasurer of the Babylon Breast Cancer Coalition, recently toured Stony Brook University Cancer Center’s lab facilities for an in-depth look into this engaging career path.

While there, the students were able to meet two leading researchers, Marcus Seeliger, Ph.D., assistant professor of pharmacology and associate director MD/Ph.D. Training Program, and Lori Chan, Ph.D., assistant professor of pharmacological sciences.

Stony Brook Cancer Center’s affiliation with the Babylon Junior-Senior High School Research Program was facilitated by Stony Brook’s longstanding community relationship with the Babylon Breast Cancer Coalition, to invest in novel research and engage future scientists in the ecosystem of cancer research innovation at Stony Brook.     

“The students had a wonderful day and definitely got a lot out of the experience, and the researchers were really impressed by the knowledge and passion of our students,” said Ms. Barone.