Celebrating Staff Members

Celebrating Staff Members  photo
During the May 7 Babylon School District Board of Education meeting, two Babylon School District staff members were celebrated by the community for both their accomplishments and for their commitment to enhancing education for students. 

Babylon Elementary School first-grade teacher Yanirez Rodriguez was presented with a certificate courtesy of the Board of Education for being recognized by Sen. Phil Boyle as a “Teacher of Excellence” at his annual Teacher of Excellence Awards Dinner. Ms. Rodriguez has been with the district for more than 10 years and is credited with being involved in multiple district committees, and greatly assisting with English as a New Language students in her native Spanish language in an effort to build confidence among students. 

“She is always championing the finest instructional practices to advance student growth,” said Babylon School District Superintendent of Schools Linda Rozzi. “She makes sure that the students meet their benchmarks as first-grade learners, and, more importantly, she really knows how to make that connection with parents and families of the students that she has in her class.”

Additionally, former Babylon Junior-Senior High School football coach Hans Wiederkehr was recognized for being inducted into the 2018 Suffolk County Sports Athletic Hall of Fame. During his time as coach from 1988-2002, the football team reached the playoffs 12 times and won nine league titles. Mr. Wiederkehr committed 32 years of his life to the Babylon School District working multiple educational buildings. While in district, he served such roles as physical education teacher, district director of interscholastic athletics, physical education and health and as an administrative assistant at Babylon Memorial Grade School. He will be retiring this year. 

“Hans has done amazing work as both a teacher and a football coach on Long Island,” said Mrs. Rozzi. “You’re not just retiring from Babylon, but you’re going on to wonderful things too, and just know that we valued all the times you’ve been teaching here.”