Babylon High School Grads Begin Journey to College

Babylon High School's Coach Williams Memorial Field was filled to the brim with proud parents and school administrators on June 23 to cheer on the Class of 2012 as they graduated to the next level of education.
The ceremony began with reflective remarks on the memorable year it was by Babylon High School Senior Class President Erica Zigon and Student Council President Adam Marrone, and progressed with a greeting from Board of Education President Dominic Bencivenga and Babylon High School Principal Al Cirone. "You're a special graduating class because you are my first here at Babylon High School," Principal Cirone said. "You'll always have a special place in my heart. Graduation is far from the end – it is the beginning of all your tomorrows. Congratulations to the Class of 2012 and best of luck in all your future endeavors."
After speeches from Valedictorian Sarah Grosser and Salutatorian Pamela Dupre, congratulatory remarks were made by Babylon Interim Superintendent Dr. Peter R. Daly and retiring teacher Francine Spada.
“Today has great meaning. Our graduates arrived on the doorstep of the Babylon Elementary School in September of 1999, just one month before I arrived on the doorstep of the Babylon Administration Office,” stated Dr. Daly, continuing, “For 13 years, we traveled similar but different paths, always connected by a common bond: we are all members of the same learning community – the Babylon UFSD. As you move forward, there will be times when you will lead and other times when you will follow. But always be sure to go for it when opportunity comes knocking. God bless and good luck."
As for Ms. Spada, who is retiring after 33 years of service to the Babylon School District, she told the students to follow their inner voice when determining which career path to take. "Each one of us has our own special calling," she said. "It becomes our job to figure out what that mission is. Make sure you follow it no matter what obstacles are in the way. Listen to your heart and your own inner voice."