Students Head Back to School

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Superintendent of Schools Richard Rozakis was on hand to welcome students, teachers and administrators back to the classrooms on Sept. 6, as the district opened its doors on another new school year.
Mr. Rozakis, who comes to Babylon after serving as assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction in the Bellmore-Merrick Central High School District, was excited to get the year off to a positive start, and he kicked off the first day of classes by touring each of the three schools in the district to greet students, parents and faculty.  
The first day of class went off without a hitch, as Babylon principals Al Cirone, Dana Basile and Randee Bonagura reported that buses were fully operational and running on schedule, and that students were excited to begin their studies.
“Today we welcome back all of our students and staff,” stated Mr. Rozakis. “We are very happy and excited to have them back. It’s the first step to a very wonderful journey to come.”