Students Enjoy ‘Animal Adventures’

“Nature” Nick Jacinto, one of the most well-known animal handlers in the New York tri-state area, paid a visit to Babylon Memorial Grade School on Aug. 3 to teach Lisa Necroto and Eileen Ratto’s students a lesson on ‘animal adventures.’
Jacinto and his animals have appeared on numerous television shows, including “Good Morning America” and “The Martha Stewart Show.” His event appearances include animals from all corners of the world, and he arrived to the grade school with a lemur, a parrot, a snake, a hedgehog, twin baby alligators and a wallaby, each of which are animals the students learned about during summer classes.  
“As a culmination of our summer animal study, students were able to see, touch and learn more about the animals they had researched in books and on the Internet,” Mrs. Ratto said. “All of our students were thrilled to see the animals they had learned so much about up close in our very own gym, and Nick was especially impressed with the students' knowledge of each of the animals.”