Global Maker Day

Global Maker Day photo

In celebration of the nationally recognized “Global Maker Day” event, students at Babylon Memorial Grade School spent the majority of class time of Oct. 23 engaging in a series of activities which allowed them to expand upon their creative talents in a fun and educational manner.

Sixth-grade students enrolled in Heather Hosek’s science classes were asked to engineer a catapult using popsicle sticks, rubber bands, straws, pipe cleaners and a cup. Using these everyday items, the catapult was required to launch a projectile and had to undergo an accuracy test and a power test. The pre-challenge lesson taught students the science behind the engineering of the catapult, including energy transfer from potential energy to kinetic energy, simple machines, forces and measurement. After the catapult challenge, students graphed and analyzed data collected and shared findings with classmates.

In the library, students were challenged by school librarian Lisa Lindeman to select items from a "Magic Bin" of random items and use their creative genius to “create something that did something.”

Students in Donna Hendrickson’s fourth-grade class utilized their architectural skills to build a tower made out of spaghetti and mini marshmallows with the goal in mind of making it stand up for more than 20 seconds. Before beginning the challenge, students brainstormed ideas, chose their best idea and then drew their design. They were then allotted 30 minutes to build their prototype.  Afterward, they recorded their results and discussed what they could do to improve their designs.

Additionally, third-graders enrolled in Brittany Mueller's class were challenged to recreate the facial details of a historical figure using the Paint application on their computers and the Colored Pencil application on iPads. As a final challenge to their projects, students printed out their completed designs and challenged their classmates to guess who they created based off facts and information read aloud about their chosen historical figure. 

Global Maker Day is an international event which was organized by United States educators to provide a day of making for students with an authentic global audience in mind. Babylon Memorial Grade School joined more than 1,000 classrooms spanning 39 countries by planning, creating, testing and problem solving to complete the fun and exciting challenges.