Paying Respects to the French

Paying Respects to the French 2018

Students enrolled in Melissa Anderson’s French IV classes at Babylon Junior-Senior High School recently took an in-class “field trip” to Pére Lachaise Cemetery to commemorate the French holiday of La Toussaint, their version of All Saints’ Day.

After researching famous musicians, scientists, performers, writers and revolutionaries, the students applied their knowledge of the French past tenses to write their biographies to be displayed for all to see. As the students made their way around the transformed classroom, their classmates were greeted with some “tourist” information about the very famous cemetery, along with being given a checklist of graves to visit and a flashlight to navigate the terrain. 

France celebrates La Toussaint on Nov. 1 every year. During the remembrance, they visit the famous cemetery and leave chrysanthemums on the graves of those who have passed away.